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Acrylic Polymer Waterproofing


   We are leading Acrylic polymer waterproofing coating in Mumbai. In ;Acrylic polymer waterproofing coating ;there is a three-layer framework with coats in various shade guaranteeing legitimate development of the thickness, making it a dependable waterproofing framework. Acrylic Polymer is a two segment acrylic changed elastomeric waterproofing which comprises of claim to fame hard-wearing totals and fluid acrylic emulsion. It is a consistent, waterproof covering giving an intense and durable water tight covering which can't be easily harmed. The covering is intended to re-confront and level out varieties in cement and workmanship surfaces. This is an effective brush capable covering which can essentially be connected by a firm brush, or trowel to get the coveted thickness. All this process of Acrylic polymer waterproofing coating in Mumbai is carried out very carefully by our trained workers.

   The polymer gives outstanding bond, sturdiness, and solidness. Acrylic Polymer viable seals solid stonework dividers and scaffolds the shrinkage breaks which are static. A 1 mm covering gives hostile to carbonation cover proportionate to more than 80 cm of cement or air layer thickness for carbon dioxide dissemination (R) of 92 meters. Acrylic Polymer is appeared to oppose positive hydrostatic weight up to 7-meter head Acrylic Polymer is reasonable for a wide range of structures incorporating those in the beach front. So Acrylic polymer coating is the best waterproofing coating because of its technological advantage. This advanced waterproofing technique in provided to you by the ;Acrylic polymer waterproofing coating ;in Mumbai- Shakti Waterproofing.

    The advantage of Acrylic Polymer Waterproofing Coating:

• Minimum surface readiness required - Low work costs.

• Applied specifically to the moist cement and stone work

• Excellent grip - Bonds to permeable and nonporous surfaces.

• Non-dangerous perfect for consumable water tanks

• Waterproof - Excellent for sudden sealing cellars

• Breathable-permits transmission of water vapor from inside of the building.

• Excellent for solid rooftop, spilling block and brick work dividers

• Good imperviousness to Carbon dioxide and Chloride particle dissemination

• Flexible to scaffold hairline make connect laugh hysterically to 0.5mm width

• Water vapor porous

• Abrasion resistant–No extra defensive covering is required for rooftop subjected to pedestrian activity.

• Ease of utilization – can be connected to brush and roller effectively.


Area of Application:

• Basement

• Water tanks

• Reservoirs

• Swimming pools

• Flat rooftops

• Terraces and overhangs

• Bridge As

• Lift Pits

• Concrete establishments

• Parking decks

• Bathrooms, Toilets, Sunken Portions

• Podiums

• Roof Gardens

• Retaining dividers

• Pile heads

• Submerged burrows

• Sumps

• Structural surface of basements

• Canals and dam dividers

• Sea Water Channels

• Steam rooms

• Sewerage Treatment Plants

• Drainage courses

   Shakti-waterproofing - we are one of the best and leading Acrylic polymer waterproofing coating in Mumbai, India. All our employees are highly skilled and experienced. If you would like to receive more information about Acrylic polymer waterproofing coating we provide, contact us. We proudly serve you.

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